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I am currently serving as the Director of IT at an esteemed International School, where I bring a unique blend of experience in Education and Technology to the table. With a proven track record of successfully managing diverse teams and handling substantial budgets, I approach my role with a mindful yet competitive mindset.

As someone who has overcome dyslexia, I possess a deep-rooted drive to comprehend the bigger picture and establish connections between everyday actions. This perspective fuels my commitment to understanding the intricate relationship between Education and Technology.

Being a ‘life-long learner,’ I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge base. I continuously build upon my academic foundation in Educational Leadership while staying abreast of the latest Educational Technology strategies.

One of my significant achievements has been significantly enhancing team productivity by implementing strategic project management methods. Additionally, I prioritize fostering a healthy work-life balance for my departments, recognizing its positive impact on overall productivity and employee well-being.

I firmly believe that mindfulness plays a pivotal role in workplace success. I actively practice this principle through regular exercise, meditation, and quality family time. These practices not only rejuvenate me but also contribute to my effectiveness as a leader.

I have completed a Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC) in ‘Advanced Educational Practice: Leadership and Management in Independent Schools’ and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. I also have the National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML)

In my pursuit of improvement, I firmly believe that it must begin inwardly, always commencing with a question. As part of my ongoing projects, my Action Research Project (ARP) focused on addressing the question, ‘How can I enhance the learning of my pupils in ICT?’. I have been documenting, presenting, writing, sharing, and helping others through the ICT ToolBox website since 2009.

I am available to offer my expertise as a writer, speaker, and consultant. Please have a look at the services and about section of the website for further details.  

Visit www.atifhussain.co.uk for further details

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