The Power of the Round Table: Fostering Open Discussion in the Workplace

The Power of the Round Table: Fostering Open Discussion in the Workplace

Joining a new workplace or team can be both exciting and daunting. It often involves steering through unspoken norms and finding ways to effectively communicate with colleagues. While having an open-door policy with a glass door as I do, may seem like a transparent approach, sometimes it’s not enough to establish an environment where open and honest discussions can thrive.

In my experience, I’ve found that the physical setting of our weekly meetings around a round table has become a powerful symbol of open and frank communication within our team. Over time the team was reminded and shown that this round table is where address all our day-to-day problems and solutions. Over time the round table (attached pic) transcended its physical form to represent a space where individuals can express themselves openly, knowing that their words are valued and not to be taken personally. It has become a place for addressing concerns and fostering a culture of constructive dialogue.

One of the most significant benefits of this approach is the clear distinction between the discussions held at the table and the continuation of our daily work. By confining unresolved issues to the round table, we ensure that our regular workflow remains undisturbed. This separation allows us to address concerns comprehensively during our meetings, knowing that once we leave the table, we can focus on our tasks without carrying the weight of unfinished discussions.

For me it transformed our approach to collaboration and problem-solving, elevating the way we interact and work together. True power lies in the ability to cultivate an environment where honesty, respect, and understanding flourish, ultimately enriching our collective experience in the workplace and sometimes all you need is a round table to start that journey.

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