Unboxing experience

Unboxing experience

We recently upgraded our student 1:1 technology programme. MyMaga laptops were replaced with Chromebooks and we ordered some robots for our new year’s 3-6 Robotics clubs. In all cases, I decided to leave all the equipment in its original box and wrapping to allow our students to open and setup. Why did I do that you may ask? The simple answer is that I wanted our students to have the unboxing experience. What is unboxing and why is unboxing important?

What is Unboxing:

Unboxing is YouTube a hit, where someone uploads a video of themselves opening a new product. Viewers are attracted to the videos as it allows them to connect with the product they are about to buy or thinking of buying. The first ever-unboxing video uploaded is believed to be of a Nokia E61 in 2006 and 10 years later we have the most watched unboxing video of a phone is at over 10 million views.

Why unboxing?

When introducing new technology for a technical team setting up prior is easier as it allows them to deal with problems much earlier. However, with careful planning and testing, I do believe an unboxing experience in schools can have a positive impact on learning.

Not only is the process of opening something that has not been opened before very satisfying but also allows to develop a connection with that piece of technology that is above another that might have been handed down to you.  A sense of personalized experience turns to personal belonging.

A sense of belonging and ownership will inevitably lead to more productivity.

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