My must have Open Source Software for your Mac

My must have Open Source Software for your Mac

If you are a Mac user like me you are likely to fall in the category of ‘once you mac you can’t go back’. I was a PC/Windows user for many years until I discovered the world of Apple while working for a tech company during the late 1990s. Since then my love for Apple and it’s simplicity of products, design, security and privacy has won me over. When Apple introduced OS X in 2001 based on the Unix architecture the door for third-party applications was opened and allowed many to pursue the route of Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) on the Mac environment. Below is list of must have FLOSS software on your mac.

VLC –  Worlds number 1 open source multimedia player
Audacity – Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder
Handbrake – HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.
Firefox – More than just a browser . Your security on the Internet.

ProtonVPN – Protect your identity on the Internet. Never go on the Internet without one.
Libre Office -LibreOffice is a free and powerful office suite, and a successor to (commonly known as OpenOffice).

GIMP – GIMP is a graphics editor used for image manipulation and image editing, free-form drawing, transcoding between different image file formats, and more specialized tasks.

Other notable software:

Inkscape: Inkscape is a Free and open source vector graphics editor.

Cyberduck: Server and cloud storage connector.

ICT ToolBox

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