Will you start a MOOC?

Will you start a MOOC?

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is about providing free open online study programs for those who are interested in learning. As information is widely available everywhere, a MOOC allows access to information that has been created by experts and follows the conventional format of online or distant learning delivery. I would suggest, depending on the course a MOOC can be used as a CPD (Career Professional Development) for teachers and as enrichment programs for the G&T (Gifted and Talented) students in a school. Once the course has been completed some universities offer recognised certificates at a cost, which is a fantastic way to beef-up any CV. To get started ‘YOU’ register to one of the widely MOOCs available and start reading, understanding, talking, collaborating, sharing and much more.

YOU choose what you want to do.

YOU choose how you participate.

YOU decide if you have been successful.

YOU can start by visiting the MOOC List website or have a look at my top list of MOOC courses by top universities around the world.
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Have YOU decided?


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