Talent or Title? – Is it time to shift the focus

Talent or Title? – Is it time to shift the focus

Since my school days, I have held numerous jobs ranging from a paper boy to a IT Director. From a purely title perspective, I have been assigned the following titles throughout my career:

Paper boy

Shop Assistant

Accountant’s Assistant

Emergency Doctor Driver

IT Support Analyst

Support Analyst

System Analyst

IT Consultant

Teacher of ICT/Computing/Media Studies/Business Studies/PSHE/Science

Head of Department

Key Stage 3 Coordinator

Director of Educational Technology

Director of IT

But do these titles truly define me? Or is it the experiences and skills I have gained along the way that should define my current and future roles? Is it more about titles or talent?

This is something I have been contemplating for a while now. In our society, we are often conditioned to believe that titles hold significant value. We associate titles with authority, expertise, and respect. When we introduce ourselves, we often include our job title as a way to establish our position in society.

However, as I reflect on my journey and the various roles I have held, I have come to realise that titles can be deceiving. They may provide a superficial understanding of what I do, but they don’t capture the essence of who I am or the skills I bring to the table.

It is the experiences and challenges I have faced in each role that have truly shaped me. As a paper boy, I learned the importance of punctuality, responsibility, and customer service. As a shop assistant, I honed my communication and teamwork skills. Each job has contributed to my growth and development, equipping me with a diverse set of skills and perspectives.

In today’s rapidly changing world, job titles are becoming increasingly fluid. New roles are emerging, and traditional job descriptions are evolving. The focus is shifting from titles to talent. Employers are seeking individuals who possess a combination of skills, adaptability, and a willingness to learn.

As I navigate my career path, I am starting to prioritise talent over titles. I am seeking opportunities that align with my passions, interests, and strengths, rather than being solely defined by a job title. I believe that true success lies in finding fulfillment and making a meaningful impact, regardless of the title attached to it.

So, how can we shift the focus from titles to talent? It starts with recognising and valuing the skills and experiences we bring to the table. It involves continuous learning, seeking new challenges, and embracing opportunities for growth. It requires us to break free from the constraints of titles and embrace our potential to contribute in various ways. It starts at a young age when we ask the future generations, not “What do you want to be when you grow up?”- a very title-based question, but rather move towards “What sort of person do you want to be when you grow up?”

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