Online CVs with a difference

Online CVs with a difference

Are you waiting till the end of your senior year to come to and end or even your final graduation year at university before you start working on your CV? If so, I would seriously rethink that strategy.
In my opinion a good portfolio or online CV takes time and numerous re-evaluations.

It’s a new academic year whether you’re a student or even a teacher to get yourself online and start representing yourself before somebody else does. Below are a few quick suggestion to choose from that have the option of creating your own personalised URL (Web Address) and the ability to download as PDF.

1: Vizualize
You can link your account with or create a new account. Either will result in a visualization of your CV. It’s new, different and very visual.

2: VisualCV
Within 5 minutes you can have an online CV that has a mixture of website and linear CV format. You can view my earlier article and video about how to create your Visual CV.
Atif Hussain's VisualCV

3: Linkedin
A clear overall winner that allows you to create a profile page that uses a linear CV format. The website also allows you to be part of like-minded groups, search for jobs, companies and universities. All this mixed with its own social network.
View Atif Hussain's profile on LinkedIn

This is a very quick introduction to Online CVs with a difference. Other online only options are available such as, Google Sites that will be covered at a later date.

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