ICT ToolBox Google Teacher Academy Application 2010

ICT ToolBox Google Teacher Academy Application 2010

I am a true believer of transparency in all ways possible. To me the idea of being original and doing something new means, learning from your mistakes and the mistakes and success of others. As educators we all know the line between copying and taking inspiration and what I am referring to, is the idea of taking inspiration.

For this reason I have decide to share my Google Teacher Academy application with everyone. I hope someone finds it inspirational and useful.

You can view my written application here and see the video below or view my youtube channel.

ICT ToolBox

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  1. Mark Allen

    Very, nice, Atif! Makes mine look terrible, but at least it did the job. For some reason, though, YouTube still hasn’t processed it properly, weeks after I submitted it, so I can’t share it yet.
    See you at GTAUK.

    • ITB

      Thanks for your feedback Mark. Let us know when you get your vid working. Yeah see you at GTAUK.


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