Why I bought a Windows 8 Phone

I recently did the unthinkable and bought an entry level Nokia Lumia 520 which comes with the latest Windows Phone 8 OS. For those who know me, know that I am not a fan of Microsoft.

However, I am not a heavy smart phone user. I can live with or without a smart phone. I could never justify a smart phone with a price tag of a middle range laptop. Economically it never made sense to me. I do not live in the UK, where high-end phones are thrown at you due to the phone contracts. Here (Egypt), in most cases you buy a pay as go line and purchase a phone on top.

My journey of smart phone Operating Systems started with the Symbian to Blackberry to Android and am currently stuck with the Windows 8 OS.

So why have I currently stopped with the Windows 8 OS which like Apple is a propriety software. For starters as a user it makes no difference to me whether I am using a propriety or open source software because the only open source option is Android and that is controlled too much by Google. Unless Ubuntu or Firefox comes with viable solutions we are left with few options. My criteria becomes financial and user experience. For me the Nokia Lumia 520 ticks both criteria.

Nokia: It’s Nokia. The great Nokia build and design. Need a I say more?

Colours: The vibrant colours that are fantastic. Looking at a blue shell in the morning is far more pleasing in comparison to a dull grey or black.

Live tiles: Arrange and organise the home screen through the ‘live tiles’ design. Great design that works.

Simple: There are two main screens, the home and apps screen. (It’s that simple). You cannot get lost. 

Consistent user experience: Whether you buy an entry level Lumia 520 or the high-end 1520, the user experience will be the same. (Minus the hardware constraints)

Kid’s corner: A place for your kids to use your phone with the apps to play with that you choose. In three steps the ‘kid’s corner’ is launched. No more accidental calls or messages will be sent.

Camera: Although my phone (520) does not have the best camera, it does have a dedicated camera button. Very useful in situations where a quick picture is required.

Multitasking: A simple press of the arrow key at the bottom of the phone, gives you access to all open apps.

Price: The best value for money smart phone on the market.

It’s different: Android and Apple are ever increasingly becoming so similar, it is fresh to see something different.

Apps: Although it has the apps that I need (Whatsapp, Viber, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Skype) It still lacks apps and has a long way to go yet. 

Power button: The power button is placed in the middle, on the right side of the phone, which is great for left-handed people but for someone who is right-handed, it takes time to get used to.


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