Raspberry Pi anyone?

Apple, Apricot, Tangerine, Blackberry and now Raspberry Pi joins the computing world with its new credit-sized single board computer proudly made in the UK. There is a history of computing firms naming technology after fruits. I am not sure what the true relationship with technology and fruits is but Raspberry Pi is a mixture of a friendly fruit called Raspberry and ‘Pi’ referencing to the Python programming language.

Raspberry Pi is fundamentally a really small motherboard that can be connected to your TV or screen via a HDMI cable and controlled through a USB keyboard and mouse. It has the power to run your basic applications that allow users to run spreadsheets, word-processing, presentation, games and surfing the Web. With the HDMI port you are guaranteed a high-definition video. By installing a small Wi-Fi USB the Raspberry Pi can be easily transformed into a media center. However you will need to purchase all the extras as mentioned above.
The Raspberry Pi is powered by small USB connector and also require a 4GIG and above SD card which will hold the linux based operating system.

There are two models available for purchase. Model A is $25 and Model B is $35. A very inexpensive tool kit, however can run into extra costs when adding to the experience.

More images of the Raspberry Pi can be found here using a simple search in Google.

This is a very brief introduction to Raspberry Pi. I have ordered my Raspberry Pi and should be arriving to the desert soon. More to follow soon.

Watch this space

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