Keeping track of the loss

Holidays are coming up soon and everyone knows, when it’s holiday time, we tend to let ourselves go a little. Whether it’s staying up late watching a movie with snacks or simply eating out because you have no work to think about.

I know I have been there, where the night before munching on those delicious snacks seemed like such a great idea but in the morning you promise yourself never to do that again.


Although I cannot suggest a way to help stop you munching those lovely snacks, I can however help you track your weight during your holidays.


Here are a few suggestions.

This website is a one-man show and is developed by James Thomas. Its aim is simple and that is to track you weight and display it in a graph format. It is primarily used to monitor weight whilst on a diet. The cool thing about Skinnyr is that, it is now compatible with the Body Trace eScale. If you have the Body Trace eScale and this scale is connected to the internet through wireless internet, then all you have to do is take your weight as you normally would and it will automatically connect to and update you with your progress. How cool is that?

This site is dedicated to bring people together from around the world that wish to control their weight and in doing so they inspire each other. Once you register and are able to connect to other people from around the world, hopefully others and their success should have inspired you. The site helps you in your goal to control or loose weight by offering a BMI and calorie calculator.

A very simple and straight forward website. You can use it without being registered to the site if you are not interested in the articles and helpful tips. If you are only interested in calculating your BMI and calories from fat calculator then this is the site for you.


If you are interested in Apps because you are always on the go and do not have the time to logon or simply want your information at your finger tip then the following Apps for your iPhone, iPad and Andriod may be of some use.


iPhone / iPad

Foundation Health Network offers great Apps on the Apple Apps store.


Weight Tracker Unified Lifestyle: You can password protect your personal information, so others who may be using your iPhone or iPad cannot access that information. You will have access to your monthly weight loss and have all the usual BMI, Fat calculators. Set goal deadlines and all information illustrated through graphs.


Restaurant Nutrition: Access to over 250 restaurants, unfortunately most in the USA, however they have over 60, 000 food items with all their nutrition information. You can keep a food journal; track your calories, carbs, protein and fat. This App offers you so much.


Exercise Tracker: This App is designed to link your exercise activities with your weight loss on a daily basis. All you have to do is enter the type of activity that you are about to do or have just completed and it will calculate your burnt calories for you.


Calorie counter: This App is for iPads and is designed by Fat Secrets.  The App will help you find nutritional information about the food you are about to eat. Not only this but if you have the barcode of the food item then you can use the barcode to get further information. There is also a weight tracker, calorie tracker and a place to keep a journal of your progress.


Android Phones:


Noom Weight Loss: Noom weight loss combines your exercise, food information and motivational articles all in one place. It’s a very helpful App if you are serious about your weight, what you eat and you exercise regularly.


Diet Point by Simple Labs: What you get with this App is hopefully a complete package that includes diet plans, weight-loss forum, day by day, meal by meal loss guidance, BMI, BMR & energy calculators and so much more.


Simple Weight Recorder by Simple Health Apps: This App has tried to stand out amongst others by keeping things simple. It offers charts, Total Loss, BMI and calculation units in different formats. That simple.


Hopefully with the helpful websites and Apps, you will be able to keep track of what you eat, when you eat it and how much you need to exercise to burn off what you ate. After all we are what we eat.

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