18 Days in Tahrir (Chapter)



Open Education Week 2 (May 2013, International Education, ISTER, Egypt)

Open Education Week 1 (May 2013, International Education, ISTER, Egypt)

A tablet a day keeps the children away (March 2012, Maadi Messenger, Egypt)

Open Education: 8 Free Open Source Tools for every Classroom (March 2012, Dialogue Online, Canada)

Schools should have open policy with technology (February 2012, Dialogue Online, Canada)

Open Source Software for every classroom (Maadi Messenger April 2012, Egypt)

Safer Internet Day 2012 (Maadi Messenger February 2012, Egypt)

Google Plus: Add to your life (Maadi Messenger January 2012, Egypt)

Cairo Diaries: ‘My Hayah’ Gives Power to the Students (December 2011, Dialogue Online, Canada)

Keeping Track of the Loss (Maadi Messenger November 2011, Egypt)

Get Sorted (Maadi Messenger October 2011, Egypt)

Computing on the Cloud (Maadi Messenger June 2011, Egypt)

Green Technology (Maadi Messenger June 2011, Egypt)

Technology & Revolution (Maadi Messenger April 2011, Egypt)

Go Digital (Moments Lifestyle Magazine March 2011, Egypt)

People Power 2.0 Gives Birth to Middle East Revolutions (Dialogue Online, Canada)

The iPad fad (Maadi Messanger Feb 2011, Egypt)

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