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In the Web 2.0 world everything you do is liked, shared and passed on. According to Netcraft, a UK based Research Company there are over 600 million websites currently available. When you take account of web pages, that number easily jumps into billions. The amount of information that we have to deal with nowadays is without a doubt very extraordinary.

Sorting all that information becomes very important and time saving when you consider the possibilities of searching for a good website. For example to find pictures licensed under the Creative Commons licence would be very tedious if you had to research for them every time you needed a new picture.

When the Internet was commercially launched in the 90s, each web browser had a built-in tool to save your favorite sites locally on the browser which is installed locally on a particular PC. The problem with that was that if you wanted access to that website, it was not available at work, on your mobile device or even on another PC in your own house or work.

The development of Web 2.0 changed all that. You can access everything you save online anywhere, anytime. Accessing your favorite links is no different. Although there are many different Online Bookmarking or also known as Social Bookmarking tools, one of my favorite ones is delicious. It’s one my favorite because of it’s simplicity. For knowledge sharing I love using Diigo.

Although has had some ups and downs over the years, it has survived so far. There are only three elements to the delicious bookmarking tool.

1. My Links: These are your links added by you using tags (key words) on your own delicious page.

2. Network: These are links added by friends who belong to your network.

3. Discover: This is where you can search the database of links by tags (key words) on the delicious website.

It really is that simple to use delicious. Why don’t you give it a go and save some time. You may find it delicious especially when you consider a school or class webpage full of relevant links added by trusted teachers and colleagues. The screening process would have been thorough.

Below is presentation breaking down key features of my two favorite bookmarks.



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