My name is Atif Hussain and I am currently the Director of IT at an International school in Antwerp, Belgium. This is my 11th year teaching since gaining my Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from Yorkshire, England. With my teaching I have brought along over six years of industry experience as an IT analyst & consultant. A recent graduate of the Google Teacher Academy means I have earned the right to wear the badge of a Google Certified Teacher.

I have completed a Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC) in ‘Advanced Educational Practice: Leadership and Management in Independent Schools’ and am currently in the process of completing a Masters in Education specialising in leadership and management.

Improvement has to be inward first, and that always starts with a question. It all starts with a question. As part of my single project, my Action Research Project (ARP) was to answer the question ‘How can I improve the learning of my pupils in ICT?’.  You can find other Research Projects and essays on my research blog. For this reason ICT ToolBox is dedicated for those who have a question or for those who wish to introduce, increase or just experiment with ICT in their classrooms. Your feedback and contribution is important for me, so please feel free to fill in the contact form below or email me at atif [at] icttoolbox dot com. ( The email at sign and dot has been replaced with words to avoid spam)

ICT ToolBox

ICT is not a single tool, but a whole toolbox – use the right combination of tools

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